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Brides From Hungary is a marriage agency. We do not hand out photos and e-mail addresses to clients and leave them to their own devices. After all, if that worked, they would not still be looking.


“Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.”

-- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. American best selling author

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Letters of Introduction
You can make a first impression only once! The first time. It can not be emphasized enough how important this letter is to you. Hungarians are very passionate people, express themselves well and expect to be rewarded by an equally crafted piece of correspondence.

She will not only want to know about you, but your family, your school, surroundings, favorite author, music, activities, thoughts... Be prepared to communicate openly and frankly. This is a person that you may potentially spend the rest of your life with. Help her get to know you and ask her questions that allow you to get a glimpse into what she is like and what are those things that are important to her.

Be yourself - if you were introduced to a stranger at a social gathering you would put thought into how you were going to present yourself. Paper is a permanent record and chances are your letter will be read more than once - at least, you should hope that it will be.

Do not, under any circumstances lie - about anything, be it your age, education, athletic achievement, finances, job or your looks. It always catches up with you and you'll lose before getting out of the starting gate.

Chose your stationary carefully. That does not mean you should go out to buy new stock - but do not grab the legal pad off your desk either, to accomplish this task. Personally, I have never responded to a person who presented himself carelessly on paper - it told me too much I didn't want to know about him at an early stage.

Processing changes in our own lives is difficult enough. When we propose to intertwine our lives with others it presents a separate and unique set of circumstances and consequences.

Although Americans are comfortable with multinational backgrounds, it may not be on such a personal level. In an intimate relationship you come face-to-face with customs and upbringings that would not affect you if these were present in a colleague.

Here you must be prepared to deal with it, and quickly, before it becomes a stumbling block. My own Hungarian background along with experience in family and premarital counseling will help you through the process of getting to know each other and the preparation for a future together.

For Coaching Services please visit Coaching

In case you find yourself attracted to the rare Hungarian woman who does not speak English, don't worry. Translation services are available to make your correspondence flow smoothly.

The same way, your chosen lady may bring us her response to you. (If you are corresponding with such a lady and you have special feelings for her, it would be a nice gesture for you to offer to pay for the translation of her letters to you.)

For rates please inquire by writing to us at info@BridesFromHungary.com.

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