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Brides From Hungary is a marriage agency. We do not hand out photos and e-mail addresses to clients and leave them to their own devices. After all, if that worked, they would not still be looking.


“Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.”

-- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. American best selling author


BridesFromHungary is a marriage agency. Our members receive personal attention from the moment they join. A detailed personal profile is completed for each member. You tell us about the type of woman you would hope to find and by giving us as much detail as possible we will work with you to find your mate.

While we all hope to find exactly what we have always dreamed of, we ask that you remain flexible - life is full of surprises and this way you are assured of greater success.

Most of our clients speak English, but where that is not the case a translation service is available (check under Programs and Services) in helping you write your letter of introduction and the lady's response(s) to you.

It is also possible for you to gift her with English lessons - not only making it easier for you to communicate, but empowering her, helping her become more confident.

We are available at any time during business hours by e-mail to answer your questions, help you make contact and to make a decision about the choices presented.

Handwriting analysis of applicants is available upon request.

Consider your needs, set realistic expectations when setting goals then take that first step toward your goals.

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