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Brides From Hungary is a marriage agency. We do not hand out photos and e-mail addresses to clients and leave them to their own devices. After all, if that worked, they would not still be looking.


“Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.”

-- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. American best selling author


We live in a complex world. Many things that gave us technical advantage and improved the quality of our lives - have also robbed us somewhere along the way of quality time. If that weren't difficult enough to live with, the acquired lifestyle pushes us impatiently toward seeking instant gratification. We expect to fly through phases of our lives much the same way as we flip through TV channels or computer programs.

Fortunately, our heart and soul does not function that way, but this conflict between our lifestyle and our heart's desire is keeping us from realizing our dreams. These dreams can not be achieved by position or social standing - but they can be achieved if we pay attention, take time to re-learn some forgotten 'truths' and make intelligent choices.

We can help you with all three. We will find attractive, educated Hungarian women who are seeking partners for marriage. If you are truly searching for a mate and are adventurous enough to look outside your immediate surrounding - we would be happy to help you. Find your mate - she may be a Hungarian bride.

If you know what you want and are certain that you are up to the task of selecting a mate - it would be our privilege to help you by undertaking a personal search on your behalf.

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